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・50th year Gō and Aki
・Tiny wind-up robots
・Space phantom “Sasahiler” appeared


Space phantom "Sasahiler" appeared

News from Kochi-power Research Institute (Part 23)

 It’s so hot! I heard it’s going to be over 40 degrees Celsius in some places today.
 Why don’t you ask “Alien Pole" to make it an ice age?
 "140 degrees below zero" is a bit much, isn’t it? It is said that about -50 degrees Celsius is the limit of survival.
 By the way, “Alien Pole" used to be called the “dwarf alien," but I heard they are the “mini alien" now.
 We live in a world where we have to take care of many things.
 The episode with the Alien Pole is definitely one of the three best “Ultraseven" episodes. From the blizzard outdoors, to the extremely cold power room, to the scene where the Alien Pole talks to Dan, the production is flawless in every way.
 According to information on the Internet, the American version of the Alien Pole say they are from the planet “Däagen-Hazs."
 That’s where you have to laugh and say “Ha! Ha! Ha!" like the Alien Pole. Anyway, on a day this hot, it’s best to watch “Ultraseven" while eating some ice cream.

50th year Gō and Aki

 To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “Return of Ultraman," I wrote a little novel, and here is the synopsis.
 Professor, you have a fairy tale quality to you that don’t match your usual behavior.
 So much so that my high school guidance counselor recommended that I pursue a liberal arts degree instead of a science degree. I don’t need to pay for a script, so someone please make a video of it.
 How will you cast the young Aki Sakata and Ken Sakata?
 I’m sure it’s Computer Graphics.
 After all that bad-mouthing, it’s Computer Graphics? Also, I wonder how it is that Ken Sakata doesn’t talk about his younger brother, Jirō
 In fact, Jirō is happily married to Rumiko Murano, who is older than him. However, he will not be appearing in the film this time because his role makes him an old man of 61 years.
 I mean, all the performers will be over 50 years old…

(Synopsis) The “Return of Ultraman," Hideki Gō, is on a special mission to visit Earth and Japan. Because there was an information that aliens were going to destroy the earth, and he had to stop them. Fifty years ago, Hideki Gō, a 23-year-old young man, lost his life to save a boy and became one with Ultraman. For this reason, Hideki Gō returned to the Land of Ultra with Ultraman, and now lives in the consciousness and form of Ultraman. For Ultraman, who has a lifespan of tens of thousands of years, 50 years is just a blink of an eye, but for Hideki Gō, the accumulation of years is a heavy burden, and his appearance has become that of a 73-year-old man.

Since arriving on Earth, Gō has been in a hurry, unable to get any useful information. Then his girlfriend, Aki Sakata, who was supposedly killed by Alien Nackle, appears in front of him in her original form. Gō is upset, but when he confronts Aki at a coffee shop, he discovers her true identity through telepathy. Aki was the transformed form of an alien woman who called herself “Alien Nackle Kate." Kate says. “Ultraman, I knew you would come here. My mission is to eliminate you. I knew that if I borrowed Aki’s form, I would see you soon." When Gō asked her if the plan of Alien Nackles to destroy the earth was real, Kate, who had been disguised as Aki, suddenly began to suffer and cried out in tears. “Help me, Gō-san!" Gō is startled.

Kate began to speak. When Alien Nackles slaughtered the Sakata siblings 50 years ago, they secretly collected their DNA and brought it back to their home planet as a sample in preparation for another invasion. Alien Nackles have high shape-shifting abilities to begin with, but by taking in the DNA of the target, they can share some of the personality and memories stored in the DNA. Since Kate took in Aki’s DNA, she has learned about Aki’s kind nature and happy life, and has begun to question her mission to eliminate Gō and destroy the earth. Kate says. The Alien Nackle boss, who has transformed into Ken Sakata, is trying to make a miniature black hole reach the center of the Earth. He’s going to destroy the earth completely as revenge for 50 years ago. Kate has been sent as an assassin to prevent Ultraman from interfering with the plan, but she wants to stay quiet and live on Earth. The plan will be executed in two days. Gō decides to accept Kate’s conditions in exchange for the location of the black hole.

The two arrive at the site in the mountains of Chichibu, where the Alien Nackle boss disguised as Ken Sakata is waiting for them. “Gō … It’s been a long time." The appearance of the boss staring at them is a little strange. Is Ken Sakata’s soul trying to stop the conspiracy of the boss? As if to shake off Ken’s wish, the boss grew to a huge size, summoned the Blackking, a reinforced and modified bouncer monster from the underground, and shouted. “Kill the traitors Kate and Gō." Gō transforms into Ultraman, but the modified Blackking is strong and struggles with the double attack with Alien Nackle. At that moment, the Alien Nackle boss suddenly started to suffer. He seemed to be unable to free his body.

Ultraman thought he heard Ken’s voice saying, “Gō, now!" and fired the Spesium beam at the alien. The boss suffers from the flames. The Blackking, who had lost control, was no longer an enemy of Ultraman. With the Ultra Bracelet, the beheaded monster fell to the ground, just as it had 50 years ago. Gō undoes his transformation and rushes over to the Alien Nackle boss, who has returned to his original size. To his surprise, the alien had reverted to the form of Ken Sakata and died with the words, “Take care of Aki…take care of Aki.” The dead Ken’s face was filled with relief that he had finally delivered his wish to Gō. Wiping away his overflowing tears, Gō transformed into Ultraman again and carried the black hole away into space, destroying it where it was safe.

The time for Gō and Kate to say goodbye was approaching. “I have a favor to ask you, Gō-san," Kate said. “It seems that Aki had promised to go skiing with you. She is very sad that she died without fulfilling that dream. Will you make her dream come true?" Gō chuckled and said, “I’m an old man, over 70 years old, and I’m not sure I’m ready for a date with an 18-year-old woman…" Before he could finish, Kate ran over and hugged him. Aki, the woman Kate was transforming into, had also taken on the appearance of an old lady before 70 years old. “Gō-san, I want to end my life in this world at the same time as Aki’s life. I don’t know how many more years I can live, but I’ve made up my mind to live and die with Aki. So, if Gō-san will allow it, I want to cherish Aki’s feelings."
Gō used his Ultra Sign to tell the Land of Ultra, “All is settled. I’m leaving Earth tomorrow." As soon as he made the call, he took Aki’s hand and ran toward the car. He seemed to be bursting with joy, as if he was trying to regain the happiness he had lost for the past 50 years. It’s summer now and there’s no snow, but the destination is, of course, the mountains of Zaō. (Complete)

My favorite robot toys; Episode 10 “Tiny wind-up robots"

For the first time in a long time, I would like to introduce small, palm-sized robots in this corner. Even though they are small, they can all walk properly with mainsprings. The reason why I like small robots may have something to do with the fact that I am tall, but I think that the “IC Robot" (made by Yonezawa) introduced in the fourth article has a strong influence on me. In this issue, I will introduce three of my favorites.

ミニズーマーロボット、ブリキなかよしロボ、SOFT VINYL WALKING ROBOT
Left: “Mini Zoomer Robot," Middle: “Tin Nakayoshi Robo

(1)Wind-up Mini Zoomer Robot
This is probably the smallest wind-up tin robot in Japan, which was made at the “Sankō Seisakusho" tinplate factory, which closed in October 2019. It is about 5.4 cm tall. I am sure that domestic tin toys will disappear sooner or later, but I will never forget the happy childhood I spent surrounded by tin toys.
(2)Tin Nakayoshi (means “good relationship") Robo
There are about four types of robots that were handled by a trading company called ”Macros Co., Ltd..” Actually, I bought it in August 1997 at a street vendor in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland for 9 CHF (about 700 yen at the exchange rate at that time). I knew it was made in China, but I hadn’t held a tin robot in my hands since I was a kid, so I bought it on impulse. The robot is about 8.3 cm tall and is often seen at auctions.
I don’t know the details, but it was a soft vinyl robot handled by a company called “Kumagai Honten Co., Ltd.." Several species have been identified. It is about 8 cm tall. Even if it’s not made of tinplate, it’s still cute and robotic enough.

Mini Zoomer Robot
Tin Nakayoshi Robo

Celebration! “Return of Ultraman" 50th Anniversary. 
The project to make soft vinyl monster dolls walk on batteries
(No.17 Space phantom “Sasahiler")

Completed in 2014

There are only three more monsters left to be introduced in this project. This time, I’ll be taking a look at the “Sasahiler," which appears in episode 48, “I’m Taking the Earth." I love this episode, especially at the end, when got hiccups in the car and worried about the recurrence of “lazy disease," and then the temple bell ringed like laughing at such him, I think this scene is excellent. I’m not sure if the name of “Sasahiler" is a monster or an alien, but I’m convinced when I hear that it was named after the scriptwriter Mieko Osanai's real name, Mieko “Sasahira."
I used a Bullmark soft vinyl doll as the material. It seems that the original soft vinyl dolls are shipped in small numbers and can be sold for a very high price, but for me, the re-released one that I bought for 1,000 yen is good enough. This “Sasahiler" is a soft vinyl model of a human being that has limited space for a drive unit, so as usual, it uses a simple drive belt to run on wheels, but there is a little ingenuity. As shown in the photos, the pinion gear is placed over the 2mm output shaft of the Tamiya “Universal Gearbox" which is installed for walking, and the pin for changing direction is moved up and down by running the “Mini-motor Standard Gearbox" instead of the motor. The reason for this hassle is that I want to make the change of direction as slow as possible. In addition, a switch on the head can be used to recreate some of the lines from the play of “Sasahiler" and “Yametarans." Moreover, for the battery box, I hollowed out the back of the Bandai HG series “Yametarans" and used it. As you can see, my “Sasahiler" is a memorable one that have made various efforts.