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・2021 Space Odyssey
・Silver robots shining at the festival stalls
・Mutilation monster “Gronken” appeared


Mutilation monster "Gronken" appeared

News from Kochi-power Research Institute (Part 7)  

 You know I’m a fan of “Star Trek."
 You certainly haven’t seen the series after “Star Trek: The Next Generation" (abbreviated as “TNG“). So, I can’t call you a Trekkie.
 I watched all the movie series, but I didn’t have time to watch the TV series after “TNG" because I was busy. By the way, the first encounter between me and Star Trek was actually the movie “Star Trek: The Motion Picture" released in 1979.
 It is a story that the planetary explorer Voyager, which left the earth in 1977, will return to the earth in an unimaginable form.
 Yup. I’ve heard that this movie hasn’t received much praise, but it’s full of sense of wonder and it was my favorite movie. After that, I worked hard to watch “TOS" (“Star Trek: The Original Series“) and “TNG."

 It was reported that NASA was seriously studying warp navigation, which is famous for “Star Trek."
 It seems that it will be quite difficult to realize warp navigation, such as the need for energy equivalent to one universe or the need for negative mass. But if that doesn’t happen, we won’t even be able to go to nearby stars. The closest star to the Sun is Proxima Centauri, which is 4.25 light-years (1 trillion times 40 km) away from the Sun. If you think of a baseball ball (72 mm in diameter) as the sun, Proxima Centauri is about the size of a pachinko ball (11 mm in diameter). At this time, the distance between two stars is about 2,100 km, which is equivalent to the distance between Aomori and Okinawa. Then the Earth is just a 0.7mm diameter grain of sand 7.7m away from the ball. Arrival at Proxima Centauri takes 75,000 years, even for Voyager, which is said to fly at 60,000 km / h, and even the Warp 9 of “TNG" (1,516 times the speed of light) takes a whole day. There may be some miscalculations, but I hope you’ve found that even the closest star is hopelessly distant.
 The universe is too wide. It will take 68 years for the sun to arrive on the Shinkansen from the earth, right?
 Recently, the number of bogus TV programs that call UFOs with supernatural powers is increasing, but it is really stupid because it ignores the size of the universe. As my beloved Dr. Carl Sagan, who was a professor at Cornell University and leader of planetary exploration at NASA, said that the real world was more dynamic and fascinating than UFOs and psychic powers. See the photo below. This is the red supergiant Betelgeuse, about 640 light-years away from the Sun. This photo was taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in 1995 and is the first to capture the contours of a sphere other than the Sun. I was really impressed when I saw this photo. When I was a kid, “Space Battleship Yamato" showed us the appearance of the star other than the Sun for the first time, and that was Betelgeuse, which was said to be the α star of Orion in the play.
 That is the star that Captain Okita ordered to shoot with the wave motion gun because the giant corona suddenly stood in front of Yamato and obstructed the course in episode 12.
 I didn’t expect to see the real star while I was alive, so I was very impressed. Proxima Centauri, which is much “closer" than Betelgeuse, should be able to take clearer pictures more easily, so anyone who says they can contact an alien should ask their friend’s alien to do it.

Taken with a faint object camera on March 3, 1995.

Betelgeuse is said to be larger than Jupiter’s orbit.

By the way, have you ever wondered why many of the aliens in TV and movies are humanoids?
 Is it because TV stations use human actors?
 Ugh! Why “Tekkaman" 's special move!
 This fool. The previous “Tekkaman" article was well received, so I prepared it. The answer to that question is given in “TNG" episode 146 “The Chase." It is a story that the intelligent life forms of the universe were created by a common god, or a god-like being. Then, please tell me whether the chimpanzee, which is the next intelligent creature after humans, is common in the universe or only on the earth. These ideas are not always based on religious views, and are often used in science fiction, and there were similar stories in some anime in Japan.
 Since you are a dog, you are not a universal being chosen by the Creator, what a pity.
 Voltekka, continuous firing!
 "Hidebu!" " Abeshi!" " Tawaba!
※These are the screams that the enemy characters in “Fist of the North Star" make when they die.

“Kamen Rider Encyclopedia" (Showa Note, Biken) and “Coming out one after another, Monsters and Phantoms"(Elm)

 This time, I would like to introduce two notebook-type illustrated books. The first is “Kamen Rider Encyclopedia" (sold by Showa Note, manufactured by Biken). There is a description like 250 yen on the back, but the price is unknown. It’s a miracle that I haven’t thrown away what I bought when I was a kid. The attached Rider mini book, stickers, bookmarks, emblems, etc. were lost.
 It looks like the vinyl cover used in the picture book of “Yama-kei Publishers," which is nice.
 Yes. The content is a simple picture book for children, but it has a good number of pages for memos, timetables, address books, etc. I think its concept is to carry it like an adult’s notebook.
 Did you bring this kind of goods to school?
 Oh, maybe. Among the prohibitions on bringing in, Menko was often confiscated by the teacher in charge, but many of them were not returned at last.
 I understand the sadness of losing treasure…
 Really. I would like to consult a lawyer and get it back. The other is “Coming Out One After Another, Monsters and Phantoms" (produced and released by Elm Co., Ltd.). The list price is 230 yen. When I went out with my parents, I had them buy it. I remember that I was watching it on the train all the time since I was very happy. The one I have is what I bought recently at Mercari. It mainly introduces Monsters and Phantoms of “Kamen Rider," “Spectreman," and “Return of Ultraman," but it is unique that the lyrics of theme songs of children’s programs are posted. This is also covered with a vinyl cover, so the overall storage condition is good.
 In the days when there were no smartphones, this kind of handy book would have functioned as a valuable device for collecting information.

■"Kamen Rider Encyclopedia

"Kamen Rider Encyclopedia" (Showa Note, Biken)
"Kamen Rider Encyclopedia" (Showa Note, Biken)
"Kamen Rider Encyclopedia" (Showa Note, Biken)

■"Coming Out One After Another, Monsters and Phantoms

"Coming out one after another, Monsters and Phantoms"(Elm)
"Coming out one after another, Monsters and Phantoms"(Elm)
"Coming out one after another, Monsters and Phantoms"(Elm)

My favorite robot toys; Episode 4 “Silver robots shining at the festival stalls."

A big summer festival was held at the shrine once a year in my hometown, and there were many stalls. I went to the festival with my family, and that was my biggest chance to get an apple candy and a toy. At that time, there were some stalls selling goods such as rubber frogs jumping by pumps , tin pop-pop boats or goldfish, and wind-up toy tanks or locomotives etc. One festival night, I said I didn’t need a pop-pop boat recommended by my father and asked him to buy a wind-up locomotive whose price was three times that of the boat. I thought my dad was disappointed with my choice, and I apologized to him on my way home, but he smiled and said, “I don’t care at all." It is an episode that reminds me of the kindness of my late father.
This time, I would like to introduce the silver-plated robots that stood out at such summer festival stalls. They are manufactured by “T.P.S.." I had the “Silver Sparking Robot" bought at a stall. Its box is really nice and I can imagine myself as a kid going home with both hands carefully. In addition, I will also introduce the “Mini-mini Robot" that I often saw at toy stores in the city (I cherished it, but the plating was peeled off at the end), and the slightly expensive “Missile Robot."

■Robots made by T.P.S.
※The official name of “Mini-mini Robot" is unknown because there is no storage box, but we adopted it because there is a description of “Shiny Wind-up Silver Mini-mini Robot" in the large box for storing 12 bodies.

※I also got an “Iron" at a stall and cherished it. There are “Kittyfire" and “Mirrorman" in the same series, but the “Iron" is by far the best (“Mirrorman" is modeled only on the upper body). Also, “Big Iron" is rare and not so often seen on the auctions.
※It seems that there are several color variations of “Radar Robot." It is a robot with a very cute expression.

”Silver Sparking Robot
“Missile Robot
“Mini-mini Robot

Celebration! “Return of Ultraman" 50th Anniversary. 
The project to make soft vinyl monster dolls walk on batteries
(No.7 mutilation monster “Gronken" )

The project to make soft vinyl monster dolls walk on batteries: Mutilation monster "Gronken"
Completed in 2012

This time, I will introduce the mutilation monster “Gronken" that appeared in episode 27. The script by Shinichi Ichikawa is wonderful, and it is a youth drama unique to this era. The director is Masanori Kakei, and Rumi Sakakibara, the heroine of this drama, is much more beautiful than other works.
The material this time is a soft vinyl doll made by the old “Bullmark." The characteristic of Gronken is the rotating round saw built in both hands. To reproduce this, I cut the soft vinyl saw and replaced it with a saw made of stainless-steel plate. Because it is difficult to perform both rotating saws and walking with a single motor, small motors are placed on the left and right arms in order to rotate saws.
Bullmark’s Gronken looks like a thug, so I thought I’d make him walk like that. Specifically, like “Marusan" plastic model monsters, it has a reverse rotation prevention roller on the sole, but the movement of both feet is not a slide but a step. Moreover, by intentionally rotating the gear in the reverse direction (backing if there is no roller), it moves forward while shaking the body greatly. Since this is a technique used in the “Gamera" series of “Nitto" plastic models, this walking is called the “Nitto + Marusan" formula in this project. As you can see from the video, I succeeded in making “Gronken" 's walking like a thug.

The project to make soft vinyl monster dolls walk on batteries: Mutilation monster "Gronken"
The project to make soft vinyl monster dolls walk on batteries: Mutilation monster "Gronken"

Photo-1: (Left) Soft vinyl doll, (Right) After dismantling
Photo-2: (Left) Soft vinyl saw, (Middle) Rotating mechanism, (Right) Rotating
Photo-3: Installation of the “Universal Gearbox" and two small motors
Photo-4: Installation of a voice recorder and a battery box
Photo-5: Side after completion
Photo-6: Back side after completion

(Professor’s one-point advice)

I have explained the walking system adopted in this project several times so far, but I would like to organize it once here. The walking systems I think of can be broadly divided into the following 11 types. For each type, the names of the electrified soft vinyl monsters are also listed this time.
Marusan type: It is often used in the plastic models of “Marusan" and “Bullmark." The “Ultra Q" and “Ultraman" electric monster series are famous. Basically, it is a walking with a sliding foot, and there is a rubber roller on the sole of the foot that rotates in only one direction.
Granadas, Arstron, Gronken, Kingsaurs III
Aoshima type: Same as “T.P.S." 's robot introduced this time, it is used in many plastic models and toys such as “Aoshima" 's “Spectreman" series. Basically, it is a stepping walk, and an auxiliary rod to prevent falls is attached to the sole of the foot.
Bemstar, Twintail(with out auxiliary rods)
Midori Shokai type: Run with tires hidden inside the body, sometimes move legs with a dummy. It is used in plastic models such as “Midori Shokai" 's robots and moving manga series.
Zazarn, Gokinezura, Alien Nackle, Z-ton Ⅱ, Sasahiler, Prizuma, Varricane
Imai type: Pseudo-feet walk in and out from the sole of the foot. “Imai" 's plastic model “Giganto" and “Bandai" 's plastic model “Mazinger Z" are famous.
Muruchi, Ultraman
Nitto type: It is often used in the “Nitto" 's plastic model “Gamera" series. Basically, it is a stepping walk, but the rotation of the crank is opposite to ② and it is in the back direction, so the body shakes greatly from side to side. A forward force is generated by changing the resistance in the direction orthogonal to the direction of travel, such as making the inside of the sole a roller and the outside a protrusion.
Crown type: Basically, the same as ①, but instead of rubber rollers, steel claws restrain the movement of the sliding foot in the backward direction. “Crown" 's plastic model “Giant Robo" series, “Marui" 's plastic model “Super Robot", etc.
Imai (insect series) type: A quadrupedal walking type, famous for “Imai" and “Bandai" 's insect series, and “Nitto" 's plastic model “Jiger."
Nihon hobby (super spring series) type: A bouncing type such as “Nihon hobby" 's plastic model “Kijira" and the Chinese plastic model “Pigmon" (made by “Marusho").
CUBE type: Moves forward while moving the center of gravity, such as tilting the body. CUBE’s robot is famous. Autonomous robots with sensors and programming are also of this type, but they will not be dealt with in this project.
Doyusha (monster racer) type: A type that moves on a car or ship such as “Doyusha" 's plastic model “monster racer Pepira" and the “Crown" 's plastic model “Bakabon" series.
Terochilus, Yadokarin
Masudaya (moving monster series) type: Same as the vibe function of mobile phones, it moves by vibration. The so-called trembling monster of “Masdaya" is famous.

This time, let’s explain ①Marusan type.

The walking system of Marusan battery powered monster plastic model

The upper left of the photo is the foot of the “Explo Robot" introduced last time, and the arrow indicates the direction of travel. The stopper on the rubber roller does not constrain the clockwise rotation of the roller, but it does restrain the counterclockwise rotation. As a result, when the foot is moving left and right with a sliding foot, the foot moves smoothly in the direction of the arrow, but in the opposite direction, the foot does not move due to the friction between the roller and the ground, and the body moves in the direction of the arrow due to the reaction. By repeating this, it goes in the direction of the arrow. The lower left is the sole of the “Bullmark" 's plastic model “Gigan," which is a type without a stopper. The shaft of the roller is supported by a slotted hole, and when the foot moves in the direction opposite to the arrow, the roller moves in the direction of the arrow so that it does not rotate in contact with the edge. This is the type often found in Bullmark" 's monsters. The photo on the right is the sole of the “Gronken" introduced this time. This is my original, which basically follows the “Bullmark" type, but places rubber in front of the roller to eliminate the need for grooving the roller.